Complete and comprehensive solution for cranes and machines automation
Scanning systems for the warehouses management systems and volumetric measurements
Intelligent transportation systems



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Symeo GmbH develops and markets systems for precise and contact-free distance and position measurement, as well as anti-collision solutions for cranes, industrial vehicles and fixed objects. Furthermore, the company develops certified, customer-specific telemetry solutions.


Symeo products are robustly designed and well-suited for applications in harsh industrial environments indoors and outdoors. The products are easy to retrofit and can be used regardless of vehicle or crane type.




Kymati GmbH designs and offers radar solutions for countless industrial automation, automotive and traffic monitoring applications.
Unique solutions in 3D radars enable the implementation of the obtained data cloud to industrial solutions.


Based on Kymati products, the applications can be successfully implemented:
- detection of objects, machines and people
- measuring the volume and shape detection
- location and object measurement


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Industrial automation, electric drives, robotics.

The company specialises in the complex execution of investment projects, visualisation and supervision of processing lines and in information transmission and processing in distributed systems..

WM Projekt

Automation and electrics for open-pit mining.

The WM Projekt company specialises with the implementation of all projects in the electrical, automation and software industries for open-pit mining

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TMW Construction

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Innovative solutions for industry.

TMW Construction is an a company in the machinery and equipment industry. Design, manufacturing in construction of machines and steel constructions.

TMW Robotics

Robotized industrial processes.

TMW Robotics is a modern company that focuses on industrial robots.

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Interim Management – Management and sales systems for the industrial market.

Specialization in the organization of sales systems and management of commercial activities of the company.

GSK Group

GSKon and GSK Industry form a capital-related group that has been active on the industrial market since 2012.